Ban on killer robots urgently needed, say scientists

good grief, it’s like something out of Harry Potter… when the pixies got loose…

Sadly, it is only the good-guys who will comply with laws to ban this sort of thing…:worried:

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Just watched the 7.47 min version on You Tube, truly chilling that this technology exists and what it can do in the wrong hands !
Here is the You tube longer version with links to associations that want to ban these terrible things …Time is running out !:hourglass_flowing_sand:

Oh don’t worry about this.
It’s not as though there’s a crazy, sabre rattling President just waiting to show the superiority of their technology. It’s not like there’s a mad-man just waiting to claim that their actions were justified ‘in the national interest’. Surely you’re not thinking of the worlds most humanitarian, level headed hotelier/property developer!!

On the upside, at least we don’t have Blair force feeding us suggestive mis-truths as an excuse to unleash a war so that his ‘good ole buddies’ can kindly step in to re-build what they’ve flattened.