Banana Trees!

We have a banana tree here in The Lot, has grown to over 3 metres high. Noticed today we have a flower and tiny, tiny bananas. The weather is about to change so I doubt whether we shall see any more growth of the fruit.

Are we unique ?? Does anyone else have bananas!

Probably idiotic question from she who ain't got green fingers - can these be grown from seed or are they a purchase from a posh garden centre?

Wow - bananas! I come from Zimbabwe and my aunt grew bananas in her garden - yesterday I was looking at a Red Banana tree in a garden centre in the Gironde, and rejected it because I thought it would never fruit. Will follow your baby bananas with interest (and go back and buy a plant if you actually get to eat a banana!).

We have too!![](upload://jmy83sV6ZIicx8OoIdFEJkTSKRW.jpg)

We have had a banana plant for many years, but it has never got that big, or had any flowers or fruit. I may be wrong here, but I think that once a banana has flowered and fruited it will die, but if new stems have sprouted at the base these may take over.