Bank account for grandchildren

Hi, can grandparents set up bank accounts for their grandchildren? If so, which banks? Thanks.

I don’t know but I think the answer may be yes. A few years ago we wanted to take up an offer from La Poste, our bank, for the children of my son in Thailand but needed some details, dates of birth etc, from him. Being an IT expert his communication skills were nil :roll_eyes: so we missed the deadline. ;-(

Revolut have Junior accounts…
Details here

Hi, Graham, Thanks for that, but the Revolut Junior is attached to a full account (dont have), and comes with a card, etc. Seems mainly for early teens, rather than 4 year olds.

Ah… then go for one of these savings accounts - perhaps a Livret-A and keep the money in trust for when they get older…

OK, good idea, thanks

Steve Jobs might have had something to say about that :face_with_hand_over_mouth: