Bank accounts for children and teenagers

I am curious to know what others here have done about getting bank accounts for their children in France. I'm not entirely sure of the possibilities or the pitfalls. The ages of the boys concerned are 11, 16 and 18 in case that makes a difference.

Can any of you enlighten me please?

Ian, yes it is just a cash card at 16 but not to buy things for two years, to everyones' relief.

Thanks for the tip. Just had a look at their website and I see that from 16 you can have a cash withdrawal card, something that my boys say all their friends have (but they don't). I'll look into it further.

I was going to say where Twerp's is but I've just read Brian's last comment, ha. Yes, my 7yo has an account at an unmentionable bank. I actually had limited choice as it's the only one in the nearest town. It was simply a case of writing his name and birth date on the form, putting a nominal amount in and it's ready. If he receives any cheques for birthdays etc he will be there when they're paid in and likewise if he ever has enough to make a withdrawal. It's on my signature.

We have them for both of ours 9 and 11, opened at Barclays France (I know, I know, them). If I remember rightly, it was simple enough withthem not entitled to credit/debit cards until 18, we don't have any but if we wanted to have a current as well as savings account then we would have cheques which I would have to sign. They had them in the UK, all child benefits went directly to them and they are still there with a better interest rate than here. All I know is that every now and again relatives or we put in money and it grows slowly but charges are quite low. Seems fairly straightforward. Seems important that you choose your bank carefully and avoid Crédit Agricole like the plague, terrible bank.