Bank accounts

I want to set up an account for my auto entrepreneur business. As an auto-entrepreneur I can have a current account but wondered if anyone knows if you can set up a paypal system on a current account?

I have an AE account with Societe Generale, it is a specific AE account, ie a personal account that is in my name and my business name so I can take cheques in either name. It is a JAZZ account and costs me 7.50€ a month including a card that is 'debit differe'. This is the only account associe with my PayPal account.

Hi Louise, as Wendy says, you can set up Paypal on your current account. Sign up with paypal - for a French bank account, they will then normally transfer two very small test amounts to your current account with specific codes which you then enter back on the Paypal website to prove you own the account. It normally takes a few days to get up and running, but I didn't have any problems.

Yes you can set up a paypal on a current account. You aren't required to have a business bank account for auto ent... and quite frankly it's big charges you can do without if I were you...