Bank advice please

There’s an English chap who moved into our area, the sort of person you feel sorry for but realise he’s brought it all upon himself!

Anyway, he entered into a sham* marriage with a Ghanaian woman who has since done a runner. The house is in joint names. He wants to get her name off the deeds and she refuses to sign anything and has blocked his emails. There is no finance on the house but he needs to sell it as he’s broke.

He’s asked me “Do you know what they do in France if you can’t repay an overdraft? The women in the bank yesterday said they don’t take your property…do they just stop your credit…bank account?

If anybody has any sensible ideas, recommendations which I can pass over to him, or know any person I can get him to contact it would be helpful.

*Sham marriage allegedly occurred in a village in Ghana in front of elders, no legal paperwork available.

Trusting in SFN for helpful advice!

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It doesn’t sound as though there has been a marriage at all.
How any one could get themselves into such a situation I cannot imagine.
Was he paid to marry her?

Irrelevant! I want to give him information, not a lecture.


He should go and see a notaire.

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This is the question I’m seeking answers to. If anybody knows about banking overdraft, please respond!

They will freeze the account, it is likely that he will end up interdit bancaire, have a dossier de surendettement (if applicable) at the Banque de France. You just aren’t allowed to get yourself into stupid amounts of debt, at least not as easily as you can in eg the UK.
He needs to talk to the bank and a notaire, that is the main thing, he really does need to talk to them BEFORE being made interdit bancaire etc etc because it will be much worse for him if that happens.

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Merci bien Véronique. I will forward your notes. The trouble is he’s been there done it, read the book ate the poster and knows more than everybody about everything.

He’s just come out of hospital and haven’t paid them either.

Bad times ahead for him I think.

Thanks again