Banking problem

On checking my online bank (credit Agricole) statement I found that an amount of € 250 which I had withdrawn from a cash machine had been deducted twice, showing the same place,same date and same time.

I phoned the English speaking helpline to make sure there was no confusion.

I am informed that this is the fault of the other bank whose cash machine it was and after having been required to give a sworn statement that I had not taken the money myself, that I could expect a refund within 15 days and certainly by 30th June !

I am amazed that this obvious computer error can’t be corrected immediately and also that the system would allow it given that I am not able to draw that much cash per week.

I am instructed to address my questions to the Complaints dept as nothing else can be done.

Does anyone have any experience of this, and any suggestions on what else to do?

Many thanks

Thank you for that. I shall go to my branch tomorrow and see what happens. I was particularly annoyed that it’s not possible for me to draw €500 if I wanted to, it’s over the limit CA allows, so I didn’t think that I should have to give a sworn statement that I hadn’t taken it.

Also it is clearly a computer error as it’s shown same place,same date, same time on the online statement. Again, not possible for me to do.

what rubbish - this happened to me a couple of months ago - I had no card so the lady started to make me a retrait minute card to withdraw but she said her computer went down and went to the safe to get my money. When I got home (a 45 min walk, I don't drive) I logged on and noticed I had been debited twice - rang the St Lô centrale and explained you contacted the branch within the hour. The lady who I had seen that morning called back immediately to apologise and within 12 hours ir next day the sum had been recredited so yes they can do it quickly - I have always felt that Britline take the mikey somewhat and prefer to deal with the normal branches

I've received money credited to my business account and have no idea from whence it came, which was a bit of a problem when trying to explain to my accountant - my own bank was unable to tell where it came from either. Suffice it to say, I keep a closer eye on things now.

Other than that it happens, and that your bank is right in requesting you provide a sworn statement so that they can request refund to your account, not much else to be done really.