Banks...they control us and now how can we trust them?

You possibly know that I do not trust them, understand them and that I have been badly

treated by some of their reprentatives.

Not just by one bank but several.

Because I am an easy target?

Or are they just contaminated with greed?

Misold ...

CRAZY tariffs...

MAD explanations which do not add up in any language.

They stretch their claws out leaving a trail of turmoil wherever they reach.

They do not seem to be able to stop?

Like a city drug this taste for money is out of control.

So what do I do?

Close down my buisness and try to live off the land begging for

potatos and produce which I can not grow.

Pay for my utilities and tax hab from ????

The few thousand which will then sit under the mattress.

Ask the vet if I can pay her bill in meals? Illegal but she does like

good cooking.

I did say ....ABOUT 8 years ago in my own restyaurant kitchen in West

London....Gordon Brown was in reign...London would would eventually belong

to the gangsters and the bankers...I really am not so wrong.

But....It it is is spreading worldwide.

If there is an end of the world in my time it will be related to money.....NOT RELIGION.

I know that perfection is impossible.

I just need a little honesty

I appreciate this is a discussion forum and I am not going to indulge in some blatant advertising to over-run this post - and then probably get myself deservedly deleted anyway.

On the savings/investment side, there is an alternative. I would point you to and ask you to contact me via personal message/e-mail if you need more information.

Regarding bank charges, if you're French is passable (and I mean you really don't need a lot) then I would recommend an internet bank. Monabanq. Add .com to that for their website but I have no involvement with them save as a customer. You can do literally everything online - transfering money is as easy as having a RIB or IBAN number for international. I pay my bills online, everything basically. Even if you want to pay cash in, you take it to the post office who gives you a chitty - you send that off to Monabanq and the value date is the date you paid in the cash at La Poste. Cheques likewise - register them online, get them off to Lille and provided they are there within 4 days, again, the value date is the date they were registered. I have actually transferred my business account to them now also as I am so impressed. I have a chequebook and visa/carte bleu with theft insurance, etc 36 Euros a year.

I was with Credit Agricole and I appreciate they are franchises. Where I live, the manager has an impression of himself that is inversely proportional to his height. Consequently this attitude flows down (or up in most cases!) to the staff where you stand by the desk while the lady spends 10 minutes stapling things together, filing, doing whatever before she notices, in my case, my considerable bulk in front of her! And the time I had a meeting, rocked up at the time and she said "I phoned you to cancel it" "When?" "5 minutes ago" "Given you can easily see my address on your records and realise it takes me 20 minutes to drive to your establishment, did you not think I had already left?" Gallic-shrug. Anyway, that made up my mind. I re-arranged the appointment, I too cancelled it 5 minutes beforehand and promptly went in next day after that and closed everything. Buh-bye Credit Agricole.

Bob Diamond. Ha ha ha,

a few more to follow, to get the ball rolling and then we should be set for the revolution huh?

Well if I did not need to make a living then I would use the post office.

But I need to take deposits from clients and buisness banking allows me

to use" at a distance."..OR known in uk as a mail order system.

ah, the bank (la banque postale) that uses my money also earns very little from me for doing so - about 8€ a year - but gives me excellent services for that, my CB is free elsewhere too. Horses for courses - crédit agricole, banque populaire etc are great at certain things that la banque postale don't do and vice versa - shop around barbara, if you're not happy go elsewhere ;-)


Of course.

In my case I am not useing the banks money....they are useing mine.

I am a part time the eyes are open.

Have had interviews with three big banks regarding our business project, they studied the dossier for a couple of weeks, hour interview and discussions, they're in the process of coming back with their best offers - everything's as clear as it could be, the offers are good given the market, yes their going to make money out of me, but without them I can't finance my project - I'm asking them for several hundred thousand euro and all the facilities, quite normal that they make something in return ;-)

Maybe I am a dreamer.

I know now that the Krays where gentlemen of desire and that

bankers are made of stone?

Either you are a dreamer or overoptimistic Barbara, what you want is blood out of a stone. They just want money.

when the banks do not want buisness....It is about the quality of buisness?

There is only one quality of buisness!
You abide by the pay the fees.

The banks should abide by their rules and not manipulate...OR try to.

Great that you are satisfied Ben.

But not all the banks are operating a squeeky clean operation.

If you spot some dirty dancing....they certainly are not happy.

Not easy to prove too much as there is a huge network in

operation based on their preservation.

Au contraire. One bank, the local manager is my account manager, combined all the services (both private and business) I needed in one bank after checking references, tariffs and perceived quality of services rendered. May pay a bit more than strictly necessary, but have the comfort of having one address for it all. I have sometimes a discussion when the Parisian HQ wants to introduce higher tariffs or replace existing services. I can always take my stuff and go elsewhere. As long as it is clear that both parties have a vested interest in the business it might work just fine.

As for the "high" finance they don't affect me directly. Am peed off sometimes when I read some news about them but am not suffering from a severe, constant case of indignation. When the banks don't want my business it might say something about the quality of my business. But then again banks nowadays only lend money to people who really don't need it :-)

Yes the post office....

I have never trusted a bank. I have regularly told bank managers so. I have only once had an honest one who agreed with me. I question them regularly about charges and get back convoluted waffle, order new cards, cheque books that do not arrive and then call every few weeks, never the same person and never any information as to why the last person actually did nothing given nobody knows and thing and nothing has arrived. To counterbalance that I have post office accounts that work just fine.