Banksy's take on Covid

Anyone else think this is all a load of bollocks? Shadowy artist graffiti’s train carriage and graffiti is removed as it should be, he knew exactly what would happen to it surely?


I think you are missing the creativity element. Coming up with the idea is a massive part of this.

The only result I have ever seen from a three year old being given paints or crayons to use is an unholy mess. :slight_smile:
They enjoy doing it of course, but the result can hardly be called art.
Obviously the three year olds in your family are more gifted than those in mine.

I think your and my definitions of art differ Robert… But that’s what art is about.

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Art is “expression” at any age, and just as when we express ourselves verbally, some will like, agree and understand. There will also be those that feel the opposite.
Art will always by it’s nature affect people differently. The same piece which can arouse feelings of delight, awe and wonderment can leave the next person blank and devoid of emotion or possibly even thinking… What the hell is this?