Banned dog breeds in France

Hi we are moving to France from australia and brining our dogs . We have toy poodles but also a Cane Corso . Im trying to find out if he is a banned breed as if he cant be in france we can not move . Thankyou

A cane corso is not automatically considered as category 1 (ie dangerous), but can be considered as one if not registered as a pure breed by Australia’s equivalent of the Kennel Club.

Given the the border procedures can be ferocious I suggest you make contact with a Cane Corso breeder to ask about their experience of bringing them in to the country.

:Le Cane Corso appartient donc au groupe 2 mais ne fait partie d’aucune catégories. Le Cane Corso n’est pas concerné par la loi des “chiens dit dangereux”, mais peut faire partie de la 1ère catégorie s’il n’est pas inscrit à un livre généalogique (non inscrit au LOF)."

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There are Cane Corso here so not banned per se.
Try contacting the French Cane Corso association:

I know it’s a long journey but isn’t brining a little extreme?

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I suppose it is mate . We may just bring them along

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