Banning all asthma drugs in sport

As an asthmatic I am horrified to hear the UK drug monitoring authority in sport calling for the banning of all asthma treatments in professional sport.
In all the interviews I have not heard one person posing the question that is a gross infringement of the rights of people with asthma, who would effectively be banned from all professional sport.
In this age of inclusiveness how is it possible for an official body to take such a stance?

I’ve not read about a blanket ban but with all the media attention about Froome and Wiggins potentially breaking the rules regarding their Asthma meds, a level playing field might be a good idea. Too many athletes caught these days.

When i played rugby one of the last things I did before leaving the changing room was to use my Ventolin inhaler. Why? To put myself on a level playing field.

Jane, may I ask where you read/heard this?

The problem is regarding exceeding the dosing limits and not the use of the inhaler itself. I’ve not seen a report that states that normal usage will be banned.

Please can you tell me how you can have a level playing field if asthmatic athletes are not allowed to use their medication?

There wasn’t a report but the spokesman was saying that they would like to ban all asthma medication.

They are allowed to use their medication. They are not allowed to exceed the dosage limits however. WADA have the unenviable job of policing drugs in sport. Details here…

Chris, that is the World list and what I heard the person from the UK Anti -doping Agency say is that they wanted the ban all asthma drugs.

UK Anti-Doping has the same rules for Asthma meds. There’s nothing that tells me they are going to ban meds.

All I have seen on the news, says they haven’t broken any rules but some government bods think they may have been a bit unethical? Government and unethical, Pot and kettle come to mind.