Banque Alimentaire and Resto du Cœur Nov 2021

Friday 26th November and Saturday 27th November… it’s a joint venture in Dordogne.

If you’re out shopping at the Supermarkets, you might well see folk collecting donations of non-perishable foodstuffs… they will be highly visible. (bright yellow and labelled if I recall correctly)

Volunteers will distribute useful list of ideas and bags to put your donations into…

Please do be as generous as you can.
Many, many folk are in need and everything collected within your Department, during those 2 days, will be distributed therein.


I should have mentioned that different Departments might well have different dates…

Whatever, goodies are always needed… there are too many folk on short-measures.

I have seen them Stella, but always thought it was an ongoing thing, not specific to certain days. As I usually don’t see them until I leave the checkout it is too late to donate without going without something we need, but occasionally, if I have spotted them from a distance I have picked up a tin of beans or something to put in the basket on the way out.

Unlikely I will see them this time though, Friday and Saturday are definitely not my shopping days. :slightly_frowning_face:

Whenever you have seen them… any donations you’ve made will have been most gratefully received.

Nationwide, their sessions are spread throughout the year, but at Christmas there’s always an extra “push”…

A very long, cold day… donations are down on last year, but I’m hoping they will pick-up by the end of Saturday.

Some folk stop to talk to me and explain how they would love to give something… but they simply have nothing to spare. Finances are definitely strained… and I do my best to reassure them that those who can give, do so… those who can’t are not being judged or criticized.

As I know most of these people, today has actually been a rather pleasant opportunity to meet and greet.

If your local shops are taking part… and if you are able… every tin and/or packet donated… can make a difference.