Banque postale messagerie and other problems!

Hi all, been trying to close my BP account for several months now, thought I had finally solved it when my tracked and signed for letter with my new bank’s IBAN had been received.
Nothing seemed to have happened so I messaged the bank again and received a message telling me to send a letter with my new IBAN…
I am trying to see MY messages to them but they don’t seem to be there!
Is it me???

Ordinarily, you should have a contact number.
I recently had to phone the person concerned & they proved to be quite efficient…
for a bank.

Have you tried having a face to face talk with one of the advisers at the post office.

You’re best calling in and seeing someone face to face. We moved one of our accoutns to Bourorama a year ago and it took la banque postale over 6 months to close the account with me constantly badgering them and having to continue to pay the 3€ a quarter charge. Courage !

I am now back in the UK (hence needing to close the account) but while I was last visiting I popped into the Champagne Mouton branch to ask whether they could make me a rendezvous to speak to someone about it.
The guy behind the counter was a bit snotty with me and my imperfect French (We don’t usually speak English in here, we expect people to speak French! - I was, I thought I was doing OK!) and told me I didn’t need to see anyone in person, just send a letter with the IBAN of my English account and photocopies of our passports. I had already written following instructions from BP in my espace personale but they didn’t mention anything about passports.
I had had even more trouble with CA (lots of messages saying basically “we’re dealing with it” but they weren’t, but a rendezvous in person sorted it out in an instant, along with a refund of trimestrielle charges, so I had thought that was the way to go.
Anyway, on the BP website I don’t seem to be able to see the messages I have sent, and in fact not even all of the ones they have sent.
I am losing the will to live! I have just had to trnsfer some more money into the account that I don’t want to keep open so that they can take the fees off me!

Hi again. Re sending passport photos, will they expect someone to have signed to verify that we are who we say they are?
(Haven’t managed to get through on the phone to ask BP)
At least I can now see all my messages but only on my tablet, in Android!?!

Have you tried sending an official letter of closure (Resiliation) by registered post ?

You will find a specimen letter in both PDF and WORD formats where you just fill in the blanks before printing it, at this link.
The service at is free to use.

Thank you so much! I may get somewhere now :slight_smile: