Barbecue Electrique ou gaz?

My college kids are across the pond for a few more days and want to get a grill and coffeemaker for their dad for Fete des Papas. We will be living in Bordeaux for 3 more years, we have a rooftop terrace above our apartment and the owner said we could have a grill. Sooo do we buy electric or gaz? Is the gaz hard to find in the city? At home I run the empty tank to the hardware store and they switch it out for a full one. I guess Charcoal is another option? Walked to Cdiscount but they didn't have much.


Our Weber Smokey Joe, these things are fantastic

Weber charcoal smoker for me. Can't beat the flavour in my opinion.

Can't beat a gas plancha.

Spent some holidays in Les Landes where only electric bbq's were allowed and I must say I wasn't impressed with the result. For convenience I use a gas one (with lava rocks added) but I much prefer the results of a charcoal bbq.

Not sure if there is a rule about keeping gas cylinders in the house, some people around me have cookers that run off bottled gas.

I would much prefer gas but in your situation you might be better off with electricity. Changing the gas bottles wouldn't be too much of a problem most filling stations carry gas. It's either butane or propane and you can get small bottles or cubes of about 5kg. However you shouldn't store propane indoors so your cube would have to live on the terrace and that would be preferable for the butane cube as well. In a fire these things are bombs! I've never used an electric barbecue but for occasional small scale use I can't see a problem.