Barclaycard says my card is still valid

Apologies for creating new topic on this subject after I had already posted it in the Barclaycard thread but I wanted to be sure everyone had seen it
I have received a letter from Barclaycard in which they apologise for having told me that my cards would be cancelled on November 16 which was mistake and they assured me that my cards were still valid as before.
Has anyone else received a similar letter??
The letter looks perfectly genuine, as does the envelope, but it seems a bit odd. I will be contacting Barclaycard in the week ahead just to make sure this is real and not a scam.

Interesting, Terry.

and a good idea to keep this separate…

awaiting your update…

It may be that the card issuer has a EU banking licence and that Barclays are just agents. I think MC and Visa are the real entities behind all these branded cards. For example if one had a British Airways Visa card (if such a thing exists) I don’t think BA would need to have a banking licence. It’s a franchise and they are just a marketing channel for Visa.

But I’ve never bothered to check that theory out, so a call to Barclays is a good idea. Or to a friend in banking (if one would admit to having same :slightly_smiling_face:).

Careful Terry, you might get someone else who says that they are no longer valid.
I trust no one now.

What puzzles me is that no one else has so far said they received the same letter. If this is genuine, surely someone else on SF must have received the same letter.

Speaking of which…

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from “Federal Express” to let me know they wanted to deliver a parcel but there was €2 import duty to pay first. This was quite credible because we have friends and family outside the EU who do send us parcels and we’re used to paying duty before delivery. The €2 caused me pause as I couldn’t imagine a parcel that was worth shipping that would have incurred only €2 between TVA and import duty. I’m not naive when it comes to these scams but this one had me wondering.

When I mentioned it to my wife she immediately twigged it was a scam.

I subsequently the got similar email from La Post. These bastards are quite ingenious.

Yes, all very strange.
Not our bank, so no real knowledge to help you.

Surely the easiest thing to do is to call their helpline?

Which i will do asap.

Why rock the boat by ringing them. If your card is still working you are still getting the benefit of using thier money .
I gave them a UK address when the closure warning was issued and my card is still working.
The only occasional back up check I have been asked for when doing an online purchase is to verify the postcode linked to the account and payment goes through.
stupid think is that my online banking info shows my various bank accounts with the french address and Barlaycard with a UK address.
If the info supplied to them fits the criteria then it seems that’s it.

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I agree John. I don’t think there’s any personal downside to your pragmatic workaround.

Update. Believe it or not, I received a message from Barclaycard today and after all the kerfuffle they have confirmed that my cards are still valid. Here’s their message:

"I write further to my recent e-mail sent to you.

In response to your query I have referred the details to the concerned team and note that, the communication regarding the account closure was sent to you in error which was further rectified by sending the apology letter.

This means that, no actions will be taken on the account regarding the account closure.

May I assure you that it is not our intention to either inconvenience our customers or upset them in any way.

However, I would certainly like to apologise for the inconvenience that has been caused to you and assure you that your feedback has been noted on the account

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us."

I find this quite unbelievable, if welcome, but I don’t think I’ll bother asking them precisely on what basis they made the original decision to cancel all our cards. Maybe someone realised that they were Visa cards and that Visa is established worldwide let alone in the EU.
I don’t know this for a fact, but I assume that what they have told me applies to everyone with a Barclaycard.


To be fair to Barclay’s, nobody knows what going on.

My wife has received a new Barclaycard card this last week.

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