Barn doors

Live near Monflanquin and need someone to supply and fit two large wooden doors on an old barn. Could any one suggest a reliable craftsman or builder who could do this

Hi Tom… and welcome to the forum.

There are lots of craftsmen listed in Yellow Pages… but perhaps your neighbours could help sort out which is best…

If all else fails… why not ask at your local Mairie… while they may not wish to show favouritism… if you wave the Yellow Pages (or any list) at them… they might point out one or two to contact.

Hopefully, someone will chime in with just the info you need… :upside_down_face::relaxed:


I asked a neighbour who had really nice relatively new barn doors and they told me who had made them. The artisan’s workshop is 500 metres from my house so I would probably have asked him anyway.


Thank you David for your reply. Was this artisan in the vicinity of Monflanquin and if so can you send me his details. Many thanks

No. It was a generic answer. Ask your neighbours.

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Best recommendation possible David :+1:

Hi Tom,
Mr Setz the Mairie in Montagnac-sur-Lede has a business that could do this for you. He’s not the cheapest but all of his work that we’ve seen looks very good - we haven’t used him personally, yet.

Please let us know how this goes.

Very best,

And, as always… get 2 quotes (like for like)… before choosing who to go with… :relaxed::thinking:

Many thanks Ray, I’ll let you know. Regards Tom