Barn to Gite Renovation

Not sure if this belongs in this group, but if anyones interested in what’s involved when renovation a barn into a gite I did a blog a while back with some pictures of our build.
It covers the gite, septic tank & pool.

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Hi Darren,

Great blog! If you have time, do you mind answeringsome questions please?

Did you need to getanything signed off by a French artisan or are you qualified to do it allyourself?

Also, what heatingsystem did you use?

And finally, did yougive your internal exposed stone any kind of finish to prevent dust/dirt or didyou leave the finish natural please?

Thanks for your time.


HI Darren. Many thanks for advice on tiles and clarifying cleaning beams by pressure washing. We are slowly renovating/restoring an old stone house in Charente Maritime - nothing as adventurous as starting from scratch as you did but bits of everything from new rooms to plumbing, electrics, platerboarding, trenching power to the barns, new shutters and so on. We spend what time we can there so the renovation is part time. Your barn transformation seems a monumental undertaking and looks fantastic. Can’t see on the blog what the timescale for the whole project was - months? years? If it isn’t a hassle to answer, what is the pool ‘container’ made of - before the lining was installed? Remarkable project. Heartening to see. All best.

Darren - looked at the picture blog. Spectacular project. Pressure washing beams is new to me. A flood of questions one of which is - what did you pave/tile the terrace with? We have the slab laid but it has no covering yet. Concerned that stone is porous and will stain, and tile is glazed and may be slippery. Wondered what you did. (The date order of the entries seems in reverse to the order of work. Am I missing something?).

Fantastic - thanks for posting - will have a good look later ! C x