Barnier interview

Predictable comments I suppose, slightly surprised he wants France to block non-EU immigration though.

Gis a quid so I can read the article Billy.

If you go via this link on x then seems to open ok

If Jane’s link doesn’t work, here’s the full article.

screencapture-ft-content-6ee16212-c748-44df-8698-b646f722deb7-2023-11-20-17_52_16_compressed.pdf (468.8 KB)

He’s in the running for president again, I expect, and has an eye on the many many voters who think blocking non-EU immigration is a panacea.


Sorry mate, there are plenty of ways to bypass the FT paywall though.

Not sure I want to pollute myself by using Twix :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::face_vomiting: