Barograph Instructions

Bought a ‘Maxant’ (Montreuil) barograph, in a mahogany case, with spare papers and ink, yesterday at a V’ G’. Anyone got one, used one? the (not comprehensive) ‘destructions’ are in French, sure they must be available in English, any ideas where?

If my Dad was still alive he could have told you, or if he had believe in equality for women I could have told you.

We used to have one at home, but us girls were NEVER allowed to touch it. All I remember is that he always swore when changing the paper, and I wanted to turn the big key at the top…

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That is a pity Jane, I’ve always wanted one, fascinating instruments, don’t want to ‘mess’ with it, until I have some idea wott I’s doin’ :roll_eyes:

I have it recording Jane, found a pen, nice to see it performing :+1: