Basal cell carcinoma treatment

Has anyone had treatment for a basal cell carcinoma on the face in France please?

Not on the face, but on my neck. Very straightforward op under a local.

Edit: also to say was very quick / efficient. I showed it to my MT who said he thought it was, got a speedy appointment with my dermatologist (I see her once a year because I’m lumpy and bumpy!) She confirmed it was and gave me a letter then and there for the skin specialist at Agen and he agreed when he examined it and basically said come in when you want to and I said let’s get it done.

My OH had it done on her nose about 15 years ago, but it was done under a general anaesthetic. Private clinic, very efficient and a very neat bit of surgery/plastic surgery. In and out same day.

Tanya, I have just found your post which doesn’t of course, indicate that you were enquiring for yourself. I was wondering if indeed it was for you, did you find a good surgeon and if so where? How did it go? Did he/she use the Mohs method?