Base for veranda/conservatory

Hi All,
I have ordered a veranda/ conservatory from a specialist company but I have to lay the base for it either myself or get someone to do it for me.
I have no problem with doing it myself, but for the surface screed I will be ordering a readymix lorry.
What I don’t know is the french name for the self-levelling screed that I want to use. Can anyone tell me what it is called please?

Usually beton chape

I’d say ‘chape de revêtement’ would be a good start.

“Autonivelant” = self-levelling

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Ragreage is what I’ve always used as self levelling compound

“Chape liquide” is often used indoors, especially with underfloor heating. It is usually done by specialists. It is thin compared with a traditional concrete base. The mix is very liquid and therefore sets almost flat (just a few bubbles and imperfections that need to be ground off). I found this explanation which might help :

Here you go. Do rent or buy a mixer as not good mixing by hand

Many thanks for all the replies. I now know what to order when I get to that stage.

Hi -I would suggest that Conservatories can be much more humid than usual interiors. While fine for normal internal use, most self levelling products contain materials that break down in the presence of moisture. In the Weber products mentioned, it lists one that it claims is for external use: weberniv lex. I would suggest checking that it is indeed suitable for a conservatory before proceeding.


Chape autonivellent

The devil is always in the detail, the waterproof ones should be based on a different polymer latex. PVA breaks down in the wet.