Bats in the wall

Does anybody know how to get bats out of a colombage wall and get them to remove themselves to a more suitable place. They have caused the wall to crack , and fall down. I have repaired it but I can hear them in another part of the wall. They have been here more than 20 yrs but now are areal problem. They can go and live in the barn not in my wall.

I telecharged a photo of the wall demolished but it doesn’t seem to have charged correctly, sorry !

Bats are protected. It is illegal to disturb them.
It is unlikely that they could damage a wall, but it is possible that they could take advantage of cracks you were previously unaware of.
You should discuss with the mairie the possibility of getting licensed handlers to relocate them if repair work is required.
If you take matters into your own hands you risk prosecution.
They are not likely to infect you with Covid-19!


After living years in a Colombage wall I can assure you they have done considerable damage to a 200 yr old building. I have counted 90 flying out of the wall at night. I have 500 sq meters of barn they can move into without bothering anybody.

Seems you have a large colony and they could be causing damage if they have been there a while.
" Bat droppings often result in guano deposits that can damage and degrade the structure of your home by causing corrosion, wood decay, and stains."
You need expert help in relocating them.

I was told by an expert from Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust that bats will readily re-locate if found an alternative.
The answer seems to be, find an expert.

Perhaps look for a Conseil Expert en Chiroptera near you?

It is illegal to use poisons or ultrasound to deter them , or to trap or kill them. You could try putting up bat boxes in your barn in the right place for them…right orientation, right height etc… and then use essential oils in your house to encourage them to move?

Are they all year round bats? As otherwise you could wait until winter and block up every tiny hole (not allowed to trap them inside to die).

We like our bats as have few biting insects because of them. But they live quietly in the attic, and we have put down cardboard for the batshit, so aren’t causing us problems.

However, they can be quite noisy as they crawl and you can hear them against walls ceilings etc.

Don’t worry I won’t harm them I live with dog, cat and horses I love animals. When I opened a pair of large shutters the other day bats fell screaming to the floor as it was daylight . I picked them all up in a box and put them in the dark barn.
However when all the crepis and the Colombage lifted off the gite wall and a couldn’t find an artisan it was not funny!!

Just going out to crepi it now.

Since the quote I sent you said that bat droppings could cause damage, maybe it was a case of crappy crepis! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Most bats hibernate for winter and disturbing them during hibernation when their reserves are low can cause them all to die. They will have low energy reserves and may well be unlikely to find a fresh shelter before they keel over. Also there will be much less food available for them to replenish.
I suggest acting quickly to get a qualified professional expert on the case whilst the weather is warm - any expense will be off-set by the joys of bug-free summers in the future.