BBBT: Nikki Pilkington - Misadventures of a Big Mouth Brit - Piers Morgan

(I do read some rubbish I admit)

Online review:

Piers has got a new job. He’s off to America to be the ‘Nasty Brit’ judging the show America’s Got Talent

– surely a role he was made for? And with unprecedented access to

people, places and parties on both sides of the pond, he’ll get the

inside scoop on the world of celebrity Stateside. So what could possibly

go wrong?

Well, it’s not all plain sailing. Piers finds himself

snubbed by the paparazzi and subjected to national ridicule by Alan

Sugar. As well as foolishly embarking on a visit to the Playboy Mansion

with his girlfriend he also becomes one of the only people to fall off

the ‘idiot-proof’ Segway (George Bush fell off one too).


though, Piers still manages to get invited to all the best parties.

Perhaps because he keeps being mistaken for David Cameron? From chinwags

with Naomi Campbell to a cigar-smoking session with Arnold

Schwarzenegger; hilarious tête-à-têtes with everyone from Boris Johnson

to Cheryl Cole; and many bizarre encounters with the likes of Paris

Hilton, Tony Blair and Jay-Z, Piers is his usual candid, honest,

loudmouth self as he lifts the lid on Tinsel Town.

With the

background cries of ‘Please don’t embarrass us Dad!’ from his sons, the

Big Mouth Brit embarks on his hilarious American adventure, and suffers

just a few mishaps along the way.


In OK condition - I think I read it in the bath LOL. It’s also registered with

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I’d be interested in this one Nikki, I’ve been watching his Piers on Lord Sugar & Piers on Marbella recently and he’s amused me.