BBC and Drama reception on FreeSat

I know another cry for help! But is anyone else having FreeSat problems? We live in the Herault and Nevee had any problems but the BBC picture freezes for a split second and comes back thecsiundcus not affected.

Do you have any thunderstorms in the vicinity? If so, that’s probably the cause.

Could your dish have moved or cables degraded - can you test signal strength at the tv?

Freesat reception down here always declines in the summer. No storms needed. I’m next door to you in Aude with. 1m dish and I have issues with many HD channels in the summer.

It’s summer :roll_eyes: we always get worse reception in the summer (and heavy rain).

Signal strength is good but quality poor according to the FreeSat box. The picture and reception on the channels that work is very good. I just wondered whether there had been a further degradation of the satellite signal post Brexit.

Could it be that the dish and receptor head are covered in dust / sand from North Africa ?
Perhaps it needs a good wash down.
We are further north than yourself (Vendee) and so have the standard 60 cm dish. The only picture degradation we suffer is when it snows in winter, or during torrential thunderstorm rain.

Or close vegetation? A week or so ago we lost all HD channels completely and then I realised that a bush was pushing above the lower edges of the dish. 10 minutes with the shears, job done. :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing Brexit hasn’t affected (as far as I can discover) is satellite coverage/transmission power.

As I (and others) have said, the cause is almost certainly environmental. The higher the resolution of the service you’re watching, the more any signal degradation will cause problems such as stuttering, freezing, drop-out etc. It follows that the higher definition channels will suffer first.

Note that because of the vagaries of the physics behind the way the transmitter and receiver work, it is entirely possible for some HD channels to be effectively unwatchable while others are still fine.

Yet, just wait until Pritti Patel puts a very tall Faraday cage around UK as she thinks it will keep out immigrants .


Wash the dish surface and check if there’s any vegetation in line of sight between dish and the sky.

I tried that with mine but it wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher…


I’m struggling to see how that would work as the signal is exactly the same (and still aimed squarely at the UK).

However dishes move slightly due to the effects of weather and heating/cooling, electronics age and develop faults (not all of them stop/go), cables get wet and degrade, connectors get wet and corrode, as others have pointed out vegetation grows, dishes get covered with crud - though this has less impact than you might think.

In short lots of reasons that signal quality might degrade over time.

It’s causing awful queues at airports too!