BBC Gone Again

Dear All,

We are new to Survive France, Sandra and Bob Hird in the Aude and have been here for 10 years.

You probably know about the BBCs decision to re position the Freesat satelite last year, well, got up yesterday morning to find all our BBC/ITV channels gone again. Is it just us or does anyone else have the same problem. It cost us a small fortune last year to install a 130 cm dish and all was restored, until it rains of course.

Any ideas?

Robert and Sandra Hird.

We had no pictures on Saturday or early Sunday. They gradually returned through the day yesterday and we are back with a full service today.
Are they gearing up for the rugby World Cup? It was interesting how we regained channels after the football World Cup last year!

Try watching French might be surprised by how good it is. And it helps to improve your spoken French

Thanks Mandy, but we thought we had solved last years problems, however, all fine on Friday and nothing on Saturday or Sunday. Looks like I will have to call the technician in again.

Thanks again.

Bob Hird

Thank you Mandy, will have a look.

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