BBC i player update

Don’t know if this will effect anyone?

Hmm, I wonder if that will stop get-iplayer from working. It’s a very handy command line app for downloading iPlayer content.

Counting down to the BBC introducing subscriptions for iPlayer….

You might not need iPlayer soon, as well as ITVX, Channel 4 etc:

So how can I cast from my ipad to a tv so can watch things on a larger screen? (Currently link a laptop)

Possibly with a Amazon fire stick but not 1st generation.

I feel this is wrong, how can they do this when you pay for a UK tv licence? If you view content on a phone for example without a tv licence thats wrong. They want their cake and eat it.

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What are you looking to cast? iPlayer? As @Corona says, pick up a fire stick and use that to play directly rather than cast. You’ll need a VPN or a smart DNS service to watch UK content.

Obviously can your TV support Cast/mirror - most modern TV can but older than 5 years it wasn’t standard.

On your iPad search airplay/mirror and follow the instructions. It’s Mirror not Cast in Apple world

From your laptop - just Google Cast and whatever version of windows you use. Then follow the instructions.