Be careful how you cool off

Sad outcome to a bit of juvenile fun.

Not only can the ice-cold shock the body - you never know what is under the water - or what perils might be encountered.

An interesting conundrum Stella, not the sad news of this young guy; but the effects of cold water on an overheating body.
I used to run a lot in a past life, and read an article regarding cooling the body. It inferred, that cold water applied to the body extremities would have the effect of withdrawing blood supply from the extremities, ie to protect the core. When in fact what the body needed was to send the blood to the extremities to cool you as a whole. So the cold water, countermanded the bodies need.
Intellectually, this makes total sense; but no idea if correct in application.

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It’s a rum do … as my uncle was wont to say about anything he couldn’t really explain. :wink::upside_down_face:

Terrible tragedy :frowning:

Not in this case but more people ought to be aware of rapid immersion in cold water. The sort of cold water for example to be found in deep abandoned quarries. This is an explanation from the RYA but it applies equally to jumping off a boat as it does jumping from a rock into fresh water.

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Excellent link, David. A very clear explanation - of something I have never really understood before. :relaxed::relaxed:

Well worth a read, folks.