Be My Valentine :)

Anyone doing anything exciting or different for Valentines? My hubbie will be in Dublin so we’ve been busy making him a hand drawn card… Or is Valentines like Marmite, Love it or Hate it?

I had a lovely surprise, my hubbie got me a pair of earings from the jewellers he used on our first Valentines (it’s special because I lost the last pair during our travels) & he had the replacements sent from Guildford in England where most of my jewellery has been from over the years.

So sweet, he also got the girls a card each & said they will always have a card off their Daddy.

He’s now on his way back to the Emerald Isle so we won’t see him for 2 weeks.

@ James - sure she will appreciate the thought…

@ Fiona - know the feeling.

@ Jacqui - much better way to spend the day!

I’ll be baking a cake, blowing up balloons and wrapping up Action Man and a Barbie. My twins were born on the 14th so a very different day for us.