Be sceptical, very very sceptical

So-called “deepfakes” are getting very good. I think this starts to amount to “take nothing you see or hear online at face value”.

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Well, if they can do that…

I’m just wondering if I have misjudged Trump… ??? 'cos I have heard him say some rubbish stuff… or did he really say all that… mmmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Aha… I’ve just realized that this is the reason that a speech is “leaked” to the Press… in advance of the event…

So we can read what will be said tomorrow (whenever)… and make sure that the video/news coverage matches up with “the leak”.

No, I think if you heard Trump say something stupid, it’s because he said something stupid…


Well, he does make it hard to make him apparently say things that are more inflammatory than his normal dialogue…


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He shouldn’t be president

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