Beach/resort recommendation please!

Hi folks, unfortunately I dont live in the Languedoc - we langish in the cold and damp north, but love to holiday down south whenever possible.

For the past couple of years we have bypassed the coast and instead carried on into the Costa Brava for our holiday but this year I fancy stopping down on the Languedoc coast.

Can someone point me in the direction of nice beach resorts, family orientated. I suspect its all a bit frantic in the summer but with a 9 year old son thats par for the course! I have looked at the Racou area of Argeles as a possibility (based purely on internet searching) ... our ideal sort of beach would be clean, calm water and rocks for the boys to sit on and fish, with a few places to get something to eat. I have seen some lovely pictures but cant track down where they are.

We will be looking for a campsite to stay on thats got water slides and is walking distance to town and beach (whilst carrying large inflatable boat!).

Whats Vias plage like?

Many thanks"

Racou beach as suggested by Danny....

and info on other Languedoc beaches....

yes...memory's not what it was :(

Do you mean Racou beach Danny?

will leave this to the others...the stretch from Collioure through to really fairly flat white sand beaches....though there is an area in St Cyp which is a nature resort...and the attached beach has wild palms and hillocks...there are no rock pools that I am aware of. Leucate and Bacares dont really either... so maybe over to Ron and Danny...Ive been to most of the places suggested here...all lovely...though as you say Danny.....the resort of Aigues Mortes and La Grande Motte never really did it for me! good luck

From the south side of the port at Argeles there's a coastal path...trekking along here for 15 minutes or so brings you to lovely little secluded coves, perfect for chilling with a picnic blanket whilst the little'uns explore.

A little further south around Collioure you'll probably find more of this, but haven't explored personally.

Thanks everyone ... all sounds lovely.

Getting into specifics here .... whilst miles of sandy beach are lovely - its an absolute must for us that we an walk to more of a "cove" type beach that has rocky outcrops that my son can crawl over with his fishing rod but can still see him ... anywhere spring to mind?


HI Carol and Danny ...bit biased, as I live here...proximity to Pézenas etc...beaches, fairgrounds...countryside...Montpellier... you can go anywhere in Herault by bus for 1 euro

Hi Mandy,

Have you considered Le Barcares? It's about twenty miles from Perpignan. Beautiful place, lots of beaches, shops, very child-centric. I can put you in touch with a woman (English-speaking) who rents apartments here if you're interested.

Good luck in your search!

Absolutely agree with all so far...the whole stretch of beach from Argeles is stunning with the mountains for a backdrop and very child-friendly.

As Carol & Ron have gone as far as Sete, I'll take you a bit further east...the beaches at Maguelone, Palavas, Carnon are great for the kids and then even further west are the 60s built resorts of Aigues Mortes & La Grande Motte with their individual charms which are not to everyone's taste but are unique!

Everywhere gets rammed in summer, but there are some hidden little spots right along that coastline, and the massive expanse of beach at L'espiguette could never fill up! There's also the very pretty little coastal town of Les Saintes Maries de la Mer down that way too but this is probably all too far east for you, was just enjoying reminiscing :)

Actually Ron you are right...Cap D'Agde and that whole area including Sete is stunning....rarely think in those terms as we are so far south...but it is a lovely area...which also offers some lovely wines...

Hi Mandy,

Just up the road from Vias is le Cap D'Agde which has 'got the lot' ! Happy to M you more info if you wish

Ron Birks

oh yes! that whole coastline is gorgeous...we have an apartment there and love it. Very family my mind the best bit is from Collioure...about 6 miles from Spain...up North to Canet....only about 20 or so miles between the two. Canet is the beach part of Perpignan....St Cyprien beach where we have our place...and on to Argeles then can go further north from Canet....but you have a very long stretch of wonderful white sand...and really.. when you get there...decide how far north to go...Barcares and Leucate a little further north...Port-la-Nouvelle...onto Gruissan and Narbonne! each place has its own delight...kite first visited the area 25 years ago when our kids were little...if you are interested....we also have an apartment we rent out in the summer in St Cyp....a mile or so out of town, gated, quiet...pool etc...whatever you sure you will love the area....good luck.