Beaches for dogs

Good morning, my wife and I would like to spend holiday in France with our 2 dogs but, checking around, the dogs must be kept on lead nearly everywhere... Any suggestion? free beaches or nice places to visit?

Cheers in advance

Ok Julia and Pam, I was a bit hard on you 2 and probably you are both responsible owners, but it still leaves another 98% to account for. You both must also see what I see. It's not for nothing that Paris pays for these people to drive round with vacuum cleaners on scooters, sucking up all the poo! People don't normally know that about 70 people a year (in the UK)go blind annually due to a parasitic worm found in dog faeces! It's unthinking people who get my goat. Sorry if I dragged you into that group.

There is a beach near Narbonne which dogs can go on, it’s a bit off the beaten track, very beautiful. We run a chambres d hotes we will accept well behaved dogs we have 2 labs.

Same in the Deep South in the USA too. Like on Folly Beach, although the rules say leashed, few follow the rules during the off-season of October to May.

Well said Julia!!

What an uncalled for comment Bruce!

I have 3 dogs and yes i pick the crap up after all of them, sandy grassy or otherwise, always have, always will.

I'm sorry but people that shout first without any proof really get my goat. My dogs paws are no dirtier than your shoes so why shouldn't they go on the beach? What about all the rubbish that people leave behind to pollute the beaches with? or does that not count?

And before you say that they pee on the beach, so do a lot of people, but it's washed away with the sea.

Sure is! We can't believe how fortunate we are.

And we get a ridiculous amount of sunshine!

Sounds lovely Wendy!

Oh my! Shoot first ay? A responsible owner will pick up after their dogs..I love my beaches as much as the next person Bruce though I accept that not everyone is as responsible as myself certainly, Merry Christmas!

Thank you very much. We are looking into your website now.

Keep in touch

Thank you very much... already sent an email asking info.

We live in the Gers and each spring and autumn we go with our dogs for a long weekend at the beach. We stay in a chalet on a big campsite which is right next to the beach with direct access from the site. Our teenage daughter loves it, she always takes her friend with us and they are off either in the pool or on the beach. There’s restaurants and a few shops just outside the campsite. We’ve had days out at Capbreton and Biarritz from there, and there’s loads more around but it’s also nice to just relax and walk along the beach with the dogs (they are allowed without a lead by the way) or read a good book with a glass of wine. The site is called Camping Le Saint Martin and it’s at Molliets Plage in the Landes. It’s a reasonable price in the low season too.

The sunny south is where we are - follow the A75 down three hours below Clermond Ferrand


Thank you all! Living on the Isle of Wight we'd prefer to go south to get some sunshine... but all the advices are appreciate!

I live on the north coast (Seine Maritime) and there are a few local beaches where our dog can run (off lead) for most of the year. I tend to avoid late July and August because of the tourist hordes but the rest of the year is fine.

Talking of naturists, I had an amusing experience in last September. One sunny afternoon Alfie (our spaniel) and I were walking on our local beach and I decided to take him to his usual swimming spot which is a gap in the rocks about 20 metres wide. I was standing watching him, when this chap sauntered up, took off all his clothes and started splashing around in the sea next to the dog ....... I decided to take evasive action and beat a hasty retreat.

We continued our walk along the back of the beach .... Alfie doing this usual investigations in the rocks .... Suddenly from behind one rock, up jumped another chap who was completely in the buff and in an obvious state of excitment .... whoops! I thought that I must have stumbled upon the local "gay" beach. But then to my surprise, a lady jumped next to the chap and she was also completely naked .... so Alfie had disturbed their afternoon fun!

We go back every week now but only meet the local fishermen.

France is a big place !

maybe you have some idea of where you would like to go ?

we have 2 dogs and as they are young and exciteable have to keep them on leads anyway , and take them everywhere we can without much difficuilty.

this summer we had them on the beach at Biscarosse and there is a section away from the main area where dogs are permitted , this is also the naturist section ! which was quite entertaining ...........

generally you will find hotels etc to be very accommodating - probably more than in the UK.

Tourist offices are contactable on line and offer up to date info.

This is a obvious plug for my own site..... not sure if acceptable, so admin please delete if needed:

Hi Luca,

Just a flying response as I'm up to my neck at the moment. Have a look at this page. It was actually for summer 2013 so various communes / departments may have relaxed the rules slightly but beach-wise it will let you know whether dogs are banned, have to be leashed etc.

In a lot of the southern Languedoc you can have dogs on the beach out of season....local beaches ban dogs during the summer, doesnt say anything about leads...but some very very signs about removing your dogs doings from the area...!

" I live in Brittany and have 4 dogs. I think you will find that most beaches are open to dogs lead free from end of september to end of may"...........So, if I like winter beaches,tough, I'll have to put up with dog muck as well! I find it hard to believe that you will pick up hot, sandy crap after 4 of them, Julie.

It's a lot like smokers.."who cares what you want, I like it"!

We were at the beach at Fouras, and a sign says "No dogs anytime", but then says "Fine of 11 euros"! It's worth the penalty just to let Fido poo!

They should pay me and give me a gun.....not to shoot the dogs, but their owners!