Bead for Shadow Gap in Lime plaster

Hi, anyone know what this bead is called in French? It is used for creating a shadow gap around door frames when plastering...

Here is the sort of thing I'm looking for

Try this:

Why did I not think of that today Terry! I've been in 3 builder's merchants today buying roof insulation materials. I will go on Friday and ask. My builder hasn't really heard of it. He said they just put a wooden bead around the corners. That's not the style we are looking for so I will do a bit more research...

France Materiaux, Gedimat, Point P or Union Materiaux

Let's see if one of them can help me...unless anyone knows a specialist french plastering shop online?

I've used them but I can't remember what they are called! Why not take the photos to a building supplier. I'm sure they'll recognise them.