Beaded fly screens

The…er…french windows out into the garden measure 245cms high. Max for beaded flyscreens I’ve seen on Amazon and Castorama/Leroy Merlin seems to be 200cms.

Anyone got any ideas where lengthy versions might be found ?

ps…yes…have seen the ‘spaghetti string’ type of screen that is available at 245 long…but seems pretty flimsy

We had a similar problem re. length. I overcame it by buying a extra set of fly-screens and lengthening the offending articles. sell a chain curtain 90cm wide by 210cm long. They also sell extra chain so you can lengthen as required.
£79.99 for the curtain and £1.00 per metre for the additional chain. You have add VAT to those prices.

Thanks Geoff…we actually have thought about that - but can’t work out how to cut 45cms from screen A and add it to the top - or bottom - of screen B.
What did you do ?

I have just bought the filament type beaded curtains to use as fly screens via internet, which arrived yesterday and I have promptly sent them back as they were HORRID! Very polyester’y and plastic’y, the beads were glittery and nasty and the colour which was supposed to be a neutral sand colour was acid yellow. UGH all round.

So today I went to local fabric shop, bought a few metres of voile and some tresse de plombe and have made my own. Strips of weighted voile, so you can brush through it with ease… do easy fit door screens at 130cm, if you can cope with a gap at the bottom.

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