Beautiful French Villages

Only if you want to visit a particular Club Member… don’t forget, club membership does not mean other villages/towns are not just as good/interesting…
Our village (way down south) cannot afford membership and probably wouldn’t come up to spec anyway… yet it draws a number of tourists who seem to find it pleasant enough… and we love living here.

France is a big country Angela !

Just looking through the list I see Lochronan is also there. I been there quite a few times but still can’t get to like it for some reason. It always seems dark and depressing and it seems it’s raining every time I pass through it !

All I can really say is that you’d be hard put to find attractive villages in Manche/Calvados although some of the scenery is stunning! Take the west coast of the Cotentin peninsula for example - there is a world heritage site for the extraordinary dunes at Biville. However, the almost total carpet bombing does mean that you need to go quite a way south or east for architecture.

Isn’t it just! Must save up for the fuel costs :smiley:

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make good use of the caravan…

Most certainly will! Not just yet though…

My grandfather had business interests in Hyeres so I used to go from time to time, I can’t remember whether it’s in the casino there or in Bandol that there are amazing Tamara de Lempicka murals. My home town (St Tropez) is stunning and beautiful and I love it but I practically never go there in the summer now.

One of the things I find fascinating is not just the beautiful places, but the traces of history everywhere which are not necessarily beautiful. So as well as carpet bombing, hundred of villages all over France were completely or partially burnt, particularly in the last three months of WWII. Everyone knows of Oradour-sur-Glane, but Maillé suffered a similar fate. You can find them in every department, our is Dortan. Rebuilt, but…So you are not alone in having ugly concrete towns.

[quote=“AngelaR, post:35, topic:41720”]
completely destroyed apart from the odd building.

I live in Calvados, in @AngelaR [/quote] country and it’s sadly true that 'Normandy was sacrificed for the rest of France’ .

It was essential to prevent the Germans attacking the beachheads by reinforcements crossing the Seine. Oddly enough, Hitler went along wih this, thinking the Normandy landings were a faint, holding back Panzer divisions north of the Seine,

I live in the town of Vire. By midnight on 6th Jun 1944 just short of 200 aircraft, from USAAF Liberators to RAF Mosquitos had bombed Vire. Being on the west side of the front and under US command, the US tactics were to eliminate house to house fighting by eliminating the houses. Bayeux escaped by a miracle.

Op Goodwood, to take Caen, was one of Monty’s very lowest moments. Caen was reduced to brickdust after dithering and delay.

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My neck of the woods :grin:

PS : Sauveterre de Rouergue there are so many of them, like Villefranche and Villeneuve both “plus beaux villages” too as in Villefranche de Rouergue and Villeneuve d’Aveyron😉

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I’ve been saddened by how run-down Villefranche has become in recent years, whereas Villeneuve’s maybe gone up a bit - I’ve been to some great vide-grenier brocantes in the latter - large Le Creuset casseroles for €10!

Yes, I feel the same. What strikes me (not literally) is the amount of dog mess on the streets.
I actually worked for the company (in Limoges) who built and installed the fountain in the square about 7 or so years ago.

It’s suffering years of not very good/well thoght out politics : they’ve basically been filling up all the tiny studios and flats in the town centre with all the local nutters and cassosses so it’s no longer safe to wonder around the old centre after dark, une cité (HLM) dans la cité (médiévale) :man_facepalming: