Beautiful hand-woven Welsh rug pure wool

Fabulous hand-woven Welsh rug, 100% wool. Thick and heavy, light coffee/cream tones. Never been used or walked on, been stored in packaging so condition as new! 190cm x 97cm. 150 euros ONO. Condom (32).

Hi Katherine, lovely rug. I’m in Montignac (24), would you post and any idea of cost to do so? Thank you!

Hi. I would post but no idea of the cost… I’ll find out tomorrow at the PO and let you know ok. Thanks.

Thanks, Katherine. No rush. :slightly_smiling_face:

Perry Robertson

Hello Perry

The rug would cost 15 euros to send to you (signed for) - a lot less than I thought given that it weighs 3.5kg! Let me know if you’d like to make an offer…:blush: Thanks.

Thanks Katherine. Would you accept 150 euro including postage? I’m away now until Thursday. If this is acceptable to you let me know and we’ll make payment arrangements then. Regards Perry

Perry Robertson

Hi Perry

Yes, accepted! I’ll contact you by phone at the end of the week…

Regards, Katharine

Hi - if you use Mondial Relay it will be significantly cheaper - probably around half price - I use it all the time and it’s brilliant. Hope this helps clinch the sale :slight_smile:

Thanks Cat! I’ll check it out.

Hi Katherine, I am back. :_smiling_face: Can we private message somehow our contact details? Perry

Perry… just click on Katharine’s name and a box should open with the word Message quite clearly visible (top right)… click on that and then type in your Message…

Thanks Stella.