Beauty therapy

can anyone tell me if they have beauty therapists in Ruffec, In the UK I used to get my eyebrows waxed and would like to know if they have that here and if it is good, also what about hairdressers, have had my hair cut once and it was Okay, but would like hi lights and someone has told me they are not good here at this, they tend to be a bit thick and gaudy co lours is this so, only I have a mobile hairdresser coming but it seems very expensive to me, to have it done at home, more than I used to pay to go to a salon and be pampered,

Look up Esthéticienne in the yellow pages, I just googled and 5 came up in Ruffec, plus one who comes to your house. I also googled coiffeur Ruffec and 9 hair salons came up. If you want to know which are any good, ask someone you think has good hair in terms of cut/colour etc. Virtually every one-horse French village will have at least a hairdresser and quite likely a beautician too. If you are worried about highlights it is like anywhere else, you choose, they don't choose for you - explain what you want and you should get it.