Becoming a small olive oil producer

I am looking for advise on becoming an olive oil producer, I only have 100 trees, but would like to consider it.
Can I gain micro entrepreneur status for such an enterprise? Any advise, links greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Probably better to ask specialists…not that this forum looks that active

As far as I know, if you plan to make money from your olives (and 100 trees is not very many) then you have to become an agriculteur. Because olives are a food crop I don’t think you can sell them without being registered etc etc.

Or perhaps a maraîcher is more suitable for small enterprises…

Have a word with your chambre de commerce… let them guide you.

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Have you read Olives: The Life and Lore of a Noble Fruit, by Mort Rosenblum,
if not, I’d recommend it. He’s an American who restored an old 150 tree olive orchard in Provence.

The hardback’s available s/h on Abebooks (well bound) for $13.75 incl. postage to France from the US and there’s a paperback (in English) on Amazon France for 4 €

Hi Bryan, maybe consider contacting Carol Drinkwater who has her own olive farm near Cannes and has written several books about it. She is on Twitter here^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
Good luck with your venture.
Izzy x

Bonjour a tous
Thank you all for your suggestions.