Bedding Shavings / Copeaux de Bois

Hello everyone.
We have moved to Champagne Mouton.
Can someone help me and tell me where I can buy Bedding Shavings for horses?
I got some from Gamm Vert but was very expensive.
Thank you

Don’t keep horses, but could a local sawmill help? Found ours very helpful for woodbark, ‘weed suppresant’.

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I was thinking along similar lines Bill, but have no idea if Bedding Shavings are something special…

Our local sawmill is excellent for sawdust as well as shavings… and, of course, we do buy timber there from time to time… too… :grinning:

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Actually, I get my copeaux de bois from Gamm Vert - around 11€ for large 140L sacs. You can get it cheaper online but with delivery it bumps the price up considerably.

Sawmill shavings are no good (in fact can be dangerous) for horses unless they have had all the dust removed.


Hi Simon Armstrong.
Which Gamm Vert did you get the Copeaux de Bois from? I went to the one in Champagne Mouton and paid €16 for a 28 kg.

Hi - Foix down in the deep South! Gamm Vert stores vary considerably in their ranges - ours currently has the choice of 3 different copeaux - just got some today.


Thank you. I will have to go in and ask at the local Mill.

Well, that makes sense, now I think more about it… :thinking:

I know someone with stables, so I’ll check with her next time our paths cross… :relaxed:


Thank you Stella. That would be very helpfull. :+1::+1:


Just make sure it’s dépoussiéré!

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I use mine straight from the sawmill and have done for the last decade with three different horses with no dust related issues.
But…our stable doesn’t have a concrete floor plus there are two separate doors in and out - one of which is open nearly all the time and I think this is what makes the difference dust wise .


Hi Antolin… finally spent some time with our horsey friends… and asked them what they used. They use straw, so not what you wanted to hear.

However, for cat litter, they sometimes use formed-bricks of wood that folk buy to burn. Fill a bucket 1/3 with bricks to 2/3 water and let them absorb the water enough so they can be “teased” to allow the shreds/threads of wood to appear… let them dry… and bob’s your uncle…

Mind you, you would need a lot of bricks for a horse… :thinking::upside_down_face:

You are quite right Stella and I’d completely forgotten to mention that sacks of wood pellets are another option - same thing - you just slightly dampen them having sprinkled them on the floor - et voila.
If you bulk order it can work out pretty cheap. I just needed a few recently and paid 3.95 per 15 kg sack from our local Intermarche but if you buy by the pallet it should be nearer to 3€.