Bedlinen - cheap and fast!

ave just faced the hell that is Bordeaux Ikea - the place is a building site with added clientele - and then traipsed round Auchan Lac and everywhere else I could think of, I have come up with nada, zilch, rien.

We have people renting our house for a fortnight and all my bedlinen, on inspection, is not up to scratch.

Not a single cheap and cheerful double/kingsized duvet cover in ikea, vile nylon cheapie ones in Auchan, and nothing anywhere else.

Asda seems to do good cheap duvet covers. Does anyone know how I could get them delivered (I need 6 doubles) within the shortest possible time for the least amount of money....

Or does anyone have any better ideas. Many thanks.

Littlewoods Europe have a sale on at the moment (plus I think free delivery - if that's wrong, it's €5 delivery charge). Quite a wide choice and they deliver quite quickly too. I think Twerp's snow boots (€30 - half the price of anything i could find locally) arrived within 5 days.,20034/s/price,1.end

I bought some very good towels, best quality, from 3 Suisses. They were in the sale and were just the colour beige to match the shower room scheme in our gite.

Freemans catalogue...they deliver for around a swimsuits arrived in 5 days.

Well, buying stuff in their sales and using a code I found on the internet I managed to save 97.14€ and get a free Bensimmon bag thrown in. Here for future reference: I bought plain covers and will keep looking for white pure cotton in their sales.

The saving represents a hefty addition to my dwindling wine cave......

Many thanks for all your input. And "santé"!

We have some, don't compare to the nice soft IKEA ones but they dry incredibly quickly. Don't feel nice though unless they are ironed, neither OH or I are going there but we did have my sister visit and do the lot from wash to laundry quality folds and the felt... er, different.

Hi June - can you post a photo please? Thanks!

Cheap!!!!! from Carrefour, you astound me. Expensive, poorly designed and cheaply made is my experience. Never, would I purchase their products.

Good choice - the Tesco value range are really basic and don't feel very nice.

Change that - am going for La Redoute! Better than Tescos and nicer. Thank you for all your suggestions!

As am in panic (they arrive next weekend and am busy all next week) I am ordering these

which are incredibly cheap and will do for the fortnight. In the meantime I'll find better at JL et al. Have heavy linen sheets already to use underneath so I just need good quality plain white duvet covers and pillowcases.

A friend is going to pick them up for me - that's 6 pale blue polycotton (I know, I know but desperate times) kingsizedish duvet covers and pillowcases and parcel post for under 70€.....

La Redoute is the best deal you can get.I have always bought my sheets and towels from La redoute and the pure linen ones are fantastic although more expensive than cotton they last for ever

Not necc the cheapest but John Lewis, M&S and Next all deliver to France - Next now has a French arm and all are ok for quality. Bonne chance and I feel your pain!

IKEA online operates in several countries, all will deliver to France.

It seems the building site has moved from Toulouse to Bordeaux, as I had exactly the same experience when I went to Ikea Toulouse to get lighting for our gite. And there was NONE. Ok, their ceiling lights were on, but none for sale...

For bedlinen, you can also try La Redoute. Or, as Deborah mentioned, have a look at Carrefour or Leclerc.

We got some cheap and cheerful bed linen from Carrefour! You can get things sent to their uk warehouse including asda or tesco food deliveries, they’ll take anything from small packages to furniture and kitchens and they transport to different areas in France. Great service!

Some more suggestions on Facebook too for you Nola

DAPW is also a good bet for on line purchases, or you can try la redoute - they have sales on at the moment but in the sets the pillows are big square ones