Beds -where to buy?

Hello, I’m looking for a wooden bed with strong slats. Any suggestions?
We’re near to Bergerac but anywhere around would be fine.
Many thanks, Beth

In france you tend to buy bed frames separately from the slats. Which I like as can mix and match things better. As in you can buy decent quality slats at most big stores, like Ikea or La Redoute or shops like maison du Monde. And then find a bed frame elsewhere to suite your taste, get secondhand, or even have one made…

Can’t help you with your area, but there seem to be standard shops.

What we’ve done recently was to buy a second hand frame, which matched the style of the room (small brass bedstead - old) and then bought a set of those slightly sprung slats that seem popular here when we bought the mattress from a local shop.

I built our last wooden bed from instructions on YouTube. Best bed we’ve ever slept on!!

Many thanks for your replies. However none of these are suitable as they are just not solid enough.
I thought I had seen a company that made very solid beds to order but cannot find them at the moment. I cannot really explain as I would not wish to put details why I need this on an open forum.
Thanks again - the search goes on!
kind regards

Beth, I’m not sure if it would suit your needs, but yesterday I saw a very solid wooden bed at Emmaus in Perigueux. It looked to be king size + unsure about slatted, as we were only mooching did not look under the topper, mattress needed.

If you search for lits bois massif would that be more what you are looking for?

Or look for a menuisier to make one maybe?

Many thanks - I’ll have a browse round!
regards Beth