Bee products and remedies

I know a lot of people use honey on burns, or propolis for a sore throat, I personally use bee venom as pain relief for arthritis...

Tell me, does anyone else out there have uses for fruits of the hive?? When it comes to these age old remedies, sharing is caring.

Fear such a future, really fear it.

Apart from Monsanto having taken over Beelogics, I don't get why big companies are not taking over, muscling in on, and taking monopoly on bee products. I mean, Merck, Pfizer, Wyeth, they could potentially make a hellova lot from locking up the market like they have done wih many other medicines, and are now starting to do with supplements, and trad remedies. It would be so easy, they have all the regulatory agencies in their pockets.

We use propolis a lot in the house. Burns, cuts, sore throats, upset stomachs,and more. magic stuff, as I said. If beelogics and monsanto do ever manage to get someone to grant them breeding rights on our apis, (like they tried to do with pigs), I fear for the future.

Yes, that's what I did but the wind is swing about as well and the chill factor is terrible. I have hay bales around and between as well. OK, so I had worse winters in East Anglia and got though with a couple of colonies intact. All is not lost.

Propolis used on fresh scar tissue helps, medically researched even, but not practised for some reason (they prefer drugs made by huge companies who give them bungs bo doubt) which is in the same general direction as the radiation damage...

I just read something on how propolis can help in fighting the degradation caused by radiation... will see if I can find more before posting links....

Poor girls.

We have scales on ours, they seem to be hanging in there. We have them in the Var for the winter. Couldn't you turn the hive so the door faces the other way from the wind?

Just had a look from outside and see I am at least two colonies down. Minus 14 or so last night with windchill which was straight into those hives. A week of this to go...

Good to know!!! might end up needing that info, I seem to have problems making alcohol, yet none in consuming it.

I must try the olive oil/honey thing...although we have a local lady making huile de noix, and we use that moreso than olive at the moment,still, better than colza, hey!

propolis, magic stuff. honestly.

If the mead goes wrong you can save it by using the stuff for a very sweet fruit wine. Never done it but wash given soome to drink by my bee 'guru'. My olive oil and honey one is an instant, knock up in two minute in small quanity thing. The others like your example are for serious keeping and using. But goes to show that honey and propolis are good for both.

Going to try making hydromel (mead) this summer, if I have time. Can't wait.

A friend of OH made up something with honey, wax and propolis for chapped lips, and I use it on my hands and everything, it's very good, and gets the skin back to "normal" in a couple of hours. With all the cleaning products, and times we wash our hands in the hotel, not to mention the cold, the hands and lips can be pretty ugly.

Then there's the age old honey,lemon and hot water (and whiskey) for sniffles... yum... instant comfort

Good old tradiional mead, or honey beer, wine or whatever you want to call it. Tastes like nectar from heaven. Mix some honey with olive oil to a thick paste and put on chapped lips. Grit teeth to avoid licking for 10 -12 minutes. A) it works after a couple of days and B) it is delicious when you do get to licking!