Beef and Sheep Farming

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me what are the negatives/issues regarding beef and sheep farming in France?

Both myself and my partner are looking seriously into beef and sheep farming in France. We both work in the industry and would qualify as young entrants. In comparison to the UK, the single farm payment equivalents seem similar, land and property prices are cheaper and beef and lamb prices are higher. Apart from the language barrier, I keep asking myself, what's the catch?

I'd be grateful for any advice or guidance on anything we need to know.

Many thanks


Hi Bernadette. Many thanks for this. I had already found the article from the Irish farmers journal but the second web page is very useful. :)

You got us talking about farming and I found this:

I also know that you have to go to college and qualify - there may be a chance of using British qualifications but do not count on it.

Good luck