Beer preferences

French beer or German beer?

Belgian, then again depends on whats cheap in the NOZ,

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there’s a bar in Brugge that sells over 100 different beers

German, hands down, but only Hefe. Selective palate :rofl:


Pretty much any decent bar in Belgium :grinning:

They are lagers, Beer, England!


I always miss British real ale
when we’re away. Nothing quite like it.


Hefe(weiss/dunkel) isn’t lager, it’s wheat beer, and the dark is about as close as you can get to a Theakston’s Old Peculiar (plus gas!)


Sounds good Alex, I will have to source one out!

It was some years ago my dad indulged himself in this very bar. We got the ferry home the next day and he was terribly seasick. Funny that… :thinking::rofl:

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I tend to buy Belgian ambrée these days, but I do buy an IPA every now and again. The French breweries are making perfectly good ones.

We have a bar in Gueret that sells hundreds of differant beers from round the world, and the odd one on draft, and no wine!

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There is a franchise called V&B (like an offie) that sells a fair range of beers and has a bar / patio area if you don’t want to take out. This is where I can get my German beers and Belgium specialities, plus Czech, Polish, some UK stuff, Spanish, Italian, etc.

Is that the one near the préfecture ( used to be an Irish bar but I’ve not been drinking in Gueret for many years).

No its on the hill going towards the Carefore behind the CT centre.

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German - Hefe weizen (wheat beer)


Our daughter lives in Munich and that is the one thing I really don’t like.

That your daughter lives in Munich?

No, going to visit her in Munich has shown me that I really don’t like the weiss bier. I’m not a big fan of dumplings either.

I’ll happily eat a Knödel or three :rofl::rofl:In the ski resorts in winter, you can get a Germknödel, with poppy seed and Powidl jam inside and what passes for very thin custard as dressing - to die for!