Does anyone know of an exterminator (preferably speaking English) in and around the Deux Sevres? I have a bees nest in my roof and have tried to wait them out for three years just trying to control the spread ... but its now getting so big I won't be able to rent the place out without getting them resettled or (worst case) destroyed.

Hi Deborah, I have a man coming round next week, as well as being a bee expert he is a builder so I have high hopes this will soon be resolved. I'll keep you all informed.

Hi there,

We had a similar problem when we moved in; the bees had been in residence for 10 years!; I called out a guy in Parthenay who is a bee keeper who kindly came round and removed the nest and the bees. He also invited us to a honey tasting at his house and gave us a few lovely pots of honey;

I have contacted local beekeepers. I've been told that they as they are inaccessible and therefore not "worth their while" you should "destroy them". I have waited for three years trying to contain them and encouraging them to move on as I understand the importance they have for us all. They now affect my business as I cannot rent the house out with them in situ.


Bees shouldn't be "exterminated". The specie is in danger, nowadays. As Janet said, a local "apiculteur" will be happy to come collect the whole swarm for free.

We had a swarm arrive yesterday,stung Hubby just under the in the roof as well.not nice .

Perhaps you could get help or advice from this SFN bee-keeping group:

If I was in your position ... I'd look up the local honey producers and give them a ring ... they might well be very pleased to come and collect them for you free of charge .