Bein sports

So need some help with this.
We have our internet with orange and have a free view for English tv. I think our orange subscription does give us basic French channels but we only have a UK dish.
My husband would like bein sports.
We have been advised that you can get an indépendant subscription for this but I have no idea how or where you would view it. Would it be through an app say on an iPad.?

Hi - just add Bein Sports to your existing Orange package - it’s an extra 15€/month

Thanks Simon but how do I watch it as although we pay for basic French tv we don’t have have a French dish and therefore don’t actually get or watch French tv.
I guess my only option would’ve to watch it through iPad but how would that work?

Pauline I’m sorry but I don’t understand? You said you have basic French TV - how?

Surely if you have an Orange Internet / TV sub then you have an Orange TV decoder along with your livebox - satellite doesn’t come into it. To watch Orange TV on your iPad you just need to download the Orange TV app from the appstore - then login using your Orange signon and password. You’ll still need to pay the extra 15€ for Bein Sports - just add it using your Orange online account.

Or…just download the Bein sports app onto your iPad - you’ll still need a sub though! - unless of course you have a super duper IPTV service like mine!! :slight_smile:

Just contacted orange apparently our contract doesn’t cover French tv I remember now I didn’t have it as an option as I thought obviously wrongly that in order to watch it I would need a French dish connected to our tv.
I think your saying if I add tv onto my subscription I will get a separate box to my internet box and when this tv box is plugged into my tv I will get French tv without a dish
Am I along the right lines yet? :grinning:

Pauline that’s right but you’ll still need an additional sub for Bein. As I said earlier, if Bein is all you want, then just add the app to your ipad and get a sub.

Simon your a star

You’re welcome Pauline - just get back to me if you need any more help. Have a great Sunday :slight_smile:

Sorry To disturb you again Simon
I’ve taken out the subscription and I have my log in details but every time I try to log in through the link they emailed me it says it can’t find me.
Secondly every time I try and download the Bein app it just throws me between uk and French app stores but won’t download. I have a paid for VPN on my internet so we can access iPlayer is this causing the problem

Hi Pauline - your VPN could very well be the problem - I would imagine that Bein Sports is ‘geo-locked’ . Have you tried logging in online using the Bein France site?

Yes…couldn’t log in through your link either😔

Sorry Pauline it must be your VPN. :frowning:

Damm especially as I’ve signed up all be it without engagement . Is it possible to turn a VPN on and off?
Sorry for interrupting your Sunday

Yes you can turn any VPN off/on in it’s settings. I’m assuming you signed up with Bein France?

Yes bein France. Just contacted my VPN provider they said nothing to do with them but if I try and log in it just says forbidden.

I suppose the best thing to do is contact Bein if it’s a login problem. Both their app and their web based site look pretty straightforward. Have you tried the ‘forgotten password’ route? Other than that I have no idea - I’m not a Bein customer.

Thought I’d let u know how I got on. It was my VPN causing the problem. Luckily I’ve got 2 iPads so one remains VPN less and Bein sports works on that. Husband very great full thanks

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