Being a Self Employed Electrician in France


I’m a self-employed electrician and am considering moving to France. I was wondering if anyone would be able to clarify the requirements/qualifications that would allow me to work in a self-employed capacity, mainly in the domestic sector.

If it’s as confusing as it is in England then this should turn out to be an interesting thread!

I’m qualified in the UK with level 3 2365 (electrical installation diploma), 2391 (periodic inspection and testing), 18th edition, but as I didn’t do an apprenticeship, I don’t have NVQ3 or AM2. I don’t need them to work in the domestic sector in the UK, nor do I need a gold card. I’m a registered domestic installer with the NICEIC.

Does anyone know if my qualifications will be recognised in France? Do I need to get the NVQ3 and AM2 cert before I can work in France? As stated before, I don’t need them to work in the domestic sector in the UK, but I’m actually thinking of doing it anyway.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Welcome Nina, all I can say is, my qualifications as a gas engineer have no credence in France. I’d guess its the same for sparkies

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I would have thought that you’d need to take the french qualifications, things are far more regulated here than in the uk, electrics are a bit different too. Try your nearest chambres des métiers :wink:

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This seems to give some pointers

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Hi Nina and welcome. Although this thread doesn’t answer your question I thought it might be of interest.
Izzy x

Did you have to do French qualifications?

Thank you.

Yes, it’s my mother. I’m actually thinking about moving out there myself though. It’s been my plan to move out there when I’m retired for a long while, but I’m not sure I can wait that long! Hence, the reason for the post. I want to work out how easy/difficult it would be for me to work out there.

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You clearly haven’t looked at a copy of BS7671 (UK wiring regs) if you think that electrical installation isn’t heavily regulated in the UK. Whether it’s being policed or not is a different matter! Yes, the accessories and cables may be different and there will be differences in the regs (but they change in the UK too!), but electricity behaves in the same way. The laws of physics are no different in France! :wink:

It doesn’t affect me, as I dont live France ,so no need :+1:

Easy tiger :+1:, it is just very different in France, they dont use ring mains as such, but hark back to when I was a kid, when radial systems were used. (that a long time ago) in fairness, Andrew was just trying to help out :+1:

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What do you mean, “easy tiger”? Didn’t you see the wink? Ring circuits are very much on the way out here too. I only install radial circuits now. Ring circuits were originally a means of using a smaller sized cable than would otherwise be allowed on a 32A MCB. That’s not such a big issue these days and ring circuits are not worth the hassle of the additional testing.

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Whoa! You’re the one being aggressive!

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And breathe guys

Thank you, Eddie, but I’m leaving this group - I’m not impressed. I’ve just been told to “calm the fuck down”, when I’m perfectly calm. I don’t know what his problem is, but I didn’t come here for abuse, that’s for sure.

Don’t leave, people are very stressed at the minute , naturally so

Nina France takes regulation to a whole new level. I remember a friend and her mum ran a bar/restaurant in a village close to us and a little paper shop beside them became vacant which they thought they’d run as well. She had to go off and get qualified as a paper shop owner before she could open up. Andrew has a Tabac and you need a PHD in tobacco studies and masters in philately before you’re allowed do that :crazy_face:

Thanks for support, Eddie, but I’ve decided to leave. I’m actually very upset by the way he’s just gone off at me. I’m trying to get a moderator to delete my post and then I’ll delete my account. Thanks though. :slight_smile:

Ha ha! So I’ve heard! I’ve actually got a degree in electrical engineering (did many years before I actually trained as a spark). Maybe that’ll help? :wink:

Don’t go mate. There’s a lot of good info here and, unlike other fora, people are polite.