Bergerac Airport

In case you have not seen it, in this month's Connexion (November) there is a report that BA will be starting flights to London City from May onwards for the summer.

That has to be good news.

I suppose if demand is high enough we may even get a full year service though obviously not every day.

I first read it here: Thanks!

I do hope it err "takes off"

I live about 25Km from Bergerac airport, & remember it when there were 16000pax/year.

Not sure where we live is that critical, well at least for me.

For example:

When I want to fly to Scotland to see family, then my choice is either BA via Gatwick, usually the cheapest, or Ryan Air via Stansted, poor connections and a dreadful airport, or Easy Jet via Gatwick, cheap but lousy airline.

When I want to fly to London, I choose BA as I like the usual early morning flight from Gatwick (sometimes 6.00 or 8.00) but my wife prefers a later start which means Easy Jet and I grind my teeth.

For us in Ste Foy, Bergerac is convenient, so London City might be attractive when I am on my own but if we fly together, then we stay with the in-laws who live close to Gatwick, City Airport would be a pain in the butt, as with Stansted, so we choose Bordeaux and etc.

A long winded answer to say, we choose the airline and thus airport that meets our needs for the specific trip. Adding BA to the mix for Bergerac is another choice.

Who knows eh.....some of us never give up....only when we stop breathing.

By the way Cliff Richard was spotted spending time in Monegur in

a restaurant in the sq called Grand Cep. House hunting or just enjoying

poor old, boreing old....24/47/33!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would be interested to know who lives in the area....lets say 40 km from the airport?

I know about David and Veronique....and Brian, of course.

Two flights a week in either direction, fares start at £49 one way and for a limited summer season only - May to end of September. BA seem to be trying to expand their budget flight network anyway, so perhaps other flights in other parts of France too in the near future.