Bernard Ross: Former Uefa chief missing since October 18th

I’m posting this on behalf of my friend Jacinta
Her husband left their family home on Oct 18th and hasn’t been since, although the police believe he was spotted in the South of France in November
Bernie is a former UEFA director who was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder
The police have had no luck and have told his wife and kids to expect the worst
If you can share this, we would all be very grateful
His local MP has been doing a sterling job, but it’s so much harder when you’re trying to trace someone who’s apparently left the country…
Here is one of many articles

hope he is found. As I suffer with borderline bipolar complex I know how hard it can be.

Thank you for your kind words
With Christmas coming up, this is particularly difficult for his children and I don’t know how Jacinta is managing to keep things together
Plus we have no idea if Bernie has continued to take his treatment, if he’s manic or if he’s in deep depression
My brother’s bi-polar and also once went awol, but he stayed in the UK and the police found him
Problem here is that Bernie has left the country…
So we’re sharing like mad on social networks and asking people if they too can share

According to the News… he has been found safe and well near Geneva.

Phew… thank goodness for that.

Yes must update the post!
He’s safe and sound and J has headed over
His kids are over the moon
There was a huge media and social network drive plus our friends on the ground… One printed off and put up 900 posters around the UEFA HQ where he was last seen!
Amazing team effort by the authorities and volunteers!