Bernie Ecclestone fraud

Just the odd £400 million he forgot he had tucked down the back of the couch :roll_eyes:

Bernie Ecclestone pleads guilty to fraud

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I expect he will get a slapped wrist and perhaps a seat in the house of lords :rofl:

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He’d need a high chair, horrible little shit. Hope he gets what he deserves, but very much doubt it


Predictably …

Sky News

Ecclestone, who turns 93 later this month, was sentenced to 17 months in jail, suspended for two years, at Southwark Crown Court.
The billionaire has made a £652.6m payment to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) covering his tax affairs over 18 years.

Oh, wow, so now he’s worth “only” $2billion. Must have hurt a lot - not.

I’d have said that was a good result - more than half a billion quid, no long costly trial. Unless of course he really owes much more, but even so he won’t have long to enjoy it.


Yes, he previously avoided paying over a billion quid many years ago… HMRC then settled eventually for a paltry ten million quid. A total sham!

Would it be wrong for me to also post this interview from last year? (jump to 5:30 if you’re in a rush)

He’s done well for a secondhand car salesman from the East End. Ruined Formula One, but what the heck. Don’t forget his equally despicable sidekick Max Mosley.

Dons black cap, you shall be taken from here and you can watch all your worldly goods taken from you and distributed to those who need it you barsteward.

I always thought there was something of the night about him.
What a shame it has taken so long to bring him to book.

Just another short assed trouble maker :joy: