Best and unexperienced Internet in Tarbes

am to start working from home in Tarbes, moving from London. I need advice on good reliable internet. I live in the center of Tarbes France. I went on Orange site this morning and they charge 100 euro a month for unlimited, a bit mad I thought as in the UK I pay £37 and never have issues. Do advise as I hope to be there by Christmas. I would like to have it all in place for when I get there. Thanks Martin O’Connor

There’s a whole thread here on a review of 4G internet by Bouygues, the benefits, costs and associated comments - worth a read through…
I’m sure the service will be available in Tarbes. Was that cost of 100€/month for fibre?

Some of us have little choice :slightly_frowning_face:

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@ptf snap!

I found this one -

It’s a good price and got good remarks.

That review seems suspiciously fluent. Surely it couldn’t be a bit of professional puffery.

Yes, it does but the poster (S***n A*******g I think, for those who have been around long enough) was a regular and not, as far as we know, a Bouygues advertising shill.

Correct - he is a retired airline pilot and provided a considerable amount of expertise on things technology. He is very articulate and came across well with explanations.

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